Great Lakes Townhall Discussions

A Town Hall discussion is an excellent place for citizens of a town, city or state to voice their concerns over issues for their area. There are a number of concerns that can be addressed in a Town Hall meeting, and nothing is really considered to be off limits in these situations.

Each area of the country faces their own concerns, so a Town Hall meeting from state to state and even region to region can be very different. Here are some of the things that you might see discussed in a Great Lake Townhall discussion

1. Economy – The economy is an issue of concern everywhere in the United States and even globally. Your local Town Hall meeting is an excellent place to bring up your concerns. With the government constantly claiming that things are getting better, it’s up to the people give a voice to the concerns that still exist.

2. “Free” Health Care – There is a lot of debate about the actual iqoption demo cost of the Obama Care initiative. The concern that many people have is that there will be an increase in taxes (which stems back to the economy issue) and that the Great Lakes government entities will be unable to manage the costs required of them.

3. State Taxes – This is another issue that seems to be a concern from state to state. Taxes are hard on the average person but they are also hard on businesses as well. Many businesses feel too inundated with taxes to be able to expand or hire more employees.

4. Environmental Issues – In the Great Lakes area, there is a major concern about the condition of the water. In addition, there is a need to improve water management, water consumption, work towards lake restoration and more.

5. Education – Quality education for children is of paramount importance. The quality of teachers and the quality of care are issues that are important to parents.

5. Entitlement Issues – People taking advantage of or not being able to be approved for state funded benefits like food stamps, Medicaid and so on are concerns for people of all ages.

6. Crime – With an increase in unemployment, there is also an increase in crime rates. People want to know what the city officials are doing to protect their citizens.

7. Home Foreclosures – This is on every homeowners mind, especially those that have experienced recent job loss or a reduction in hours or pay. Many look to their public officials for solutions to these problems.

Town Hall meetings are informal venues that allow residents of a given area to talk about what’s on their mind. Often, no solutions are provided to various problems, but it’s an excellent opportunity to at least let public officials know where the concern of the people lies.